Thursday, 27 December 2012

Degree confirmed - BSc Computing (Hons) 2.1

It has been a great Christmas break. I am feeling incredibly relaxed after a week off work and have eaten and drank far more than I should have. As a result this blog post nearly hasn't materialised but now that I have a minute I thought I would quickly document my results for my degree.

Around mid December I received an e-mail saying that the results for TM470 were available and I scored 77% (2.1). I was a little disappointed but the matter remains I was in no way able to get a 1st Class Honours degree with my current grade position, so even if I had managed a distinction it would have been to no avail. At the same time a prompt displayed on my Student home indicating that a qualification was to be offered to me which was my B29 Computing degree with corresponding classification. I promptly confirmed my acceptance of the qualification and was proud to be, for all intents and purposes, a graduate.

Just before Christmas I received some written notes about my project. These were minimal compared to typical feedback you might have come to expect from TMAs but gave me a good feel for how my work had gone. There was a sentence for each of the project goals and all in all my feedback was very positive indeed. The exception was my consideration of ethics which was practically non existent and clearly lost me some marks as well as my background reading being focussed heavily on technical implementation issues. It was good to see where I good have gone a little better though and to see that as a technical project it had been a huge success.

The actual degree is conferred upon you by the OU at a future date and you can attend a graduation ceremony of your choice to celebrate the conclusion of your studies. The graduation dates became available on 17th December 2012 and I am currently thinking of graduating at a ceremony towards the end of April 2013. The ceremony appears to be free for the graduate with a cost of £17.00 per additional guest. As far as I can see there are no upper limits to the number of guests you can bring but as only my wife and I intend to go I don't think I will be pushing any boundaries here anyway!

Graduation gowns are hired from a 3rd party vendor and hire of a gown costs £40.00. Interestingly OU graduates are not required to wear a mortar board so the option is not given when it comes to hiring the graduation gowns.

So that about sums up what I wanted to get from this blog post. Unless anything useful or interesting comes up between now and graduation I am unlikely to be blogging very frequently through here. I am kicking off a years hiatus of learning and concentrating on my family and my extra curricular hobbies including kickboxing, beer brewing and I might finally get my teeth into my Raspberry Pi for some fun!

For now merry christmas and a happy new year. To all of you continuing to study, good luck and keep going!



Liam Cromar said...

Congratulations Simon! That's a great achievement, requiring years of application (no pun intended). Great way to end the year.

Regarding graduation ceremonies: generally speaking there is a limit on the number of guests the graduate may bring. Speaking from memory (don't quote me) I think the London ceremonies are more restricted as regards guest numbers, presumably due to popularity. Best to book quickly - you can add guests at a later date if need be, I believe.

I attended the Versailles ceremony this year and it was a happy day, and significantly more lively than I had anticipated. Graduates have to pay at Versailles (unlike the UK) but it was worth it. You can stroll around the town and Chateau surroundings in your robes, which is rather good fun. I was asked by a French lady what the robes were that she saw all the people wearing!

Well done again with seeing it through to the end - you've definitely earned a break!

Simon said...


Thanks for the heads up re numbers. I'll update the blog post accordingly.

I'm glad you enjoyed Versaille, I must admit that it appealed to me but the graduation ceremony isn't for another 10 months.



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