Saturday, 14 July 2012

TM470 TMA03

I submitted TMA03 on Tuesday, slightly after the 12 noon deadline due to work commitments but for the TMA's you are given a 12 hour grace period until midnight on the due date so this wasn't an issue.

The project is going well and development has been progressing at the correct pace. For TMA03 we are asked to produce a draft of the EMA, although there is an appreciation that we may not have everything that we need to formally draft the final report. I ended up submitting 50 pages or so including all my appendices but this was a draft with most of the sections completed so I don't think it was overkill. There was a bit of confusion in the TMA03 guidelines which instructed you to write approximately 6 pages on the review and evaluation of the project, but then asked for a draft of the EMA to be submitted which would clearly be substantially more. I interpreted this guidelines as submitting a draft but it appears others have gone for the slighter approach.

All in all the course is going well, it is very light contact - I haven't actually dealt with my tutor beyond the TMA markings however this has been out of personal choice. My tutor was keen for me to give progress updates but I think that's more to do with making sure I am making progress. I've learnt a lot so far both about myself and technically so the course seems to have been good, whether paying over £700 or £1250 under the new funding arrangements would be worth it I am unsure. In my head I've treated it like a discipline bond, I have paid that money I am definitely going to make time to work on my project!

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Jarryd van Zanten and Mark Kirkwood, Game Designers said...

Thank you posting this, it's been an interesting read over the past year or so that I've had this in my feed. I'm amazed how similar our journeys to the OU are (although I think it is increasingly common), however I am probably about 3 years behind you, so it is intriguing to see my next steps play out in front of me.
I wish you luck in you ema and for the future.