Monday, 18 June 2012

Dropbox, a great resource for all OU Students!

I haven't updated the blog in a little while, but wanted to post up a link to a service that every OU student should be using to store notes and assignments as well as any other file that they may want to use.

I have been using it for my project work but also to store personal photos that I wanted to have backed up in the cloud and accessible from Linux, Windows and Macs. Dropbox is a free service that gives you 2GB of data storage that can be used to back up documents for private and personal use as well as public sharing through file links that can be emailed around. The dropbox website here provides great introductory videos about the service and how it works. It is also possible to get extra free space should you need it by following the dropbox twitter account and watching the introductory videos. For those with bigger requirements you can pay for a 50GB or 100GB account.

I highly recommend it!

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