Sunday, 6 May 2012

TM470 TMA02

The project has been progressing well, I have been spending quite a bit of time working through JPA and other technologies as well as time drawing models and diagrams of my system. I have had TMA02 returned and scored 78%, particular strengths points out were my ability to reflect on my learning style and progress so far. There were also a few concerns raised by my tutor, despite having rescoped my project to reduce it in size they still feel it may be too much to accomplish in the time available. I'm still progressing well so I feel it is achievable but I will make a point of keeping an eye on progress to ensure milestones aren't slipping any further.

I am enjoying the course, it extends hugely on the independence that an OU learner is already familiar with, so you have to be disciplined with your time and how you use it. The TMA's also take a fair amount of time to write, not so much due to complexity but I've found I go through a process of write, re-read and refine repeatedly until I am happy with the work. I'd suggest to any future students studying this module that they make sure they stay on top of the practical work and give themselves plenty of time to write the TMA's.

My main tips so far would be the following:

- Plan in contingency from the outset, include slippage weeks because things rarely go to plan.

- Don't be afraid of reducing the projects scope, as long as you can justify your decision and it is a sensible one you will not be penalised.

- Start your TMA's early, I've found myself spending many days getting them up together, everyone is different but I have found this course taking longer than any other due to it's report style over the question and answer approach usually seen in the computing syllabus.

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