Monday, 5 March 2012

TM470 TMA01 Submitted

I've just submitted TMA01 for the TM470 project and it was surprisingly wordier than I was expecting,  coming in at approx 3,900 words although this was including code examples in the appendix so in reality it was probably nearer the 2,750 mark. It took me about 10 hours to complete and was a nice way to bring together the preparatory and exploratory work that I have carried out around my project.

The one thing I did find that took a little while was the literature review, which involved citing lots of books and websites that I had been reading. The OU specify the Harvard system as their chosen method of referencing however they don't force you to use it, as long as you are consistent with the referencing you method you adopt you are free to use any (recognised) referencing method.

This was very useful as I came across a fantastic referencing system called This tool allows you to automatically Cite references by typing in a URL or an ISBN number. Just select the tab from across the top that is appropriate to the media you are referencing and it automatically retrieves the details. You are able to modify and clean up the citation accordingly then add it to your list of citations. Lists can be saved and added to in the future, I signed in using my Google account but it also supports Open ID, Facebook etc so it is very easy to get started. Once my list was compiled it was a simple case of copying it and pasting it into my TMA fully referenced in the MLA6 format. This is obviously not the Harvard system that the OU recommends but it is perfectly acceptable, you can also switch formats automatically and the tool will convert all your references.

I'd highly recommend this and will be using it for all my citations during this project.


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