Thursday, 22 March 2012

TM470 TMA01 Result

Results came in yesterday, I scored 80% on the nose. Not a bad start although there still a lot of room for improvement! The general feedback was positive with many section achieving a 1 score although I needed to be more specific around what I was actually building. I captured the problem statement well but I did not do a very good job of saying how I was gong to solve it. My tutor also commented on my frequent reference to a REST interface that I wanted to build and couldn't really understand why, this was partly the result of an unclear description of my intended solution but also simple "why?". It's made me wonder if I actually need one. I was originally forward planning, through an interface it would be straight forward to integrate applications with the service but I could simply be over engineering the solution. Either way I probably want to spend a bit more time defining my solution. The other point that my tutor raised was that it may be slightly ambitious to try and create a fully prototyped, mocked up and polished web ui within the timeframe of the project so scale back, simple is good enough. I'll continue to progress taking the tutors comments on board. I think the realisation that I'm shooting for a fully developed piece of software and actually all the course needs is something that is progressing my learning from my previous studies is darting to sink in. It's all about being academic and reflective in how you approach your project, this is where the marks seem to be, whether the actual devolution is successful or not is somewhat irrelevant.

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