Thursday, 9 February 2012

TM470 General progress update

I've now been allocated my tutor for TM470 and I have sent off an e-mail with a few paragraphs documenting my project intentions for review.

The project choice forum has been fairly active with lots of people and a diverse array of project ideas which seem to have been growing as the late sign ups have been arriving onto the module website. It's odd really, the early sign ups have had access to the site from October/November time, around 4 months before the course start and then there are those who turned up last week just before go day!

All in all things are going well and I am slowly working towards the first TMA, I have purchased a project book that was recommended by the course, and just about every other computing course run by a higher education establishment.

Projects in Computing and Information Systems: A Student's Guide

This book is fairly recent and gives fantastic guidance to working on a software development project as well as a research based project so it should be suitable for all students of TM470 or any other similar course. I'd highly recommend it.

That's about all for now, I should be getting into the project quite intensively going forward, I'm going to use this blog to capture my progress as well as documenting research and ideas so apologies in advance.



cavbex said...

Hi Simon, I'm currently doing B67 with Business and hope to do this course next year, but I'm a little anxious to say the least! When choosing the topic for the project does the OU give any guidelines or details of what it must cover or entail? I guess each the TMAs pushes the depth of the project each time? Any info or insight would be much appreciated!

Wavey75 said...

Hi Simon, I'm currently about to start TM470, but I've no clue what to choose for a project.

Could I read yours to get an idea of what I would need to produce?