Friday, 24 February 2012

Apple Higher Education discount for the Open University

I'm currently looking at replacing my 2007 iMac 24" with one of the current 27" core i5 models. In the past I have received HE discount from Apple by providing my student information over the phone to Apple but today I have managed to secure a link directly to the Open University store.

So if you are an Open University student and would like to earn between 12-15% off a new Apple computer click this link Quidco are also providing an extra 6% cashback which can bring the saving up to the 20% mark which is nothing to be sniffed at!

I'll let you know if I take the plunge and upgrade...

---Update 10/07/2012---

It seems quite a few people want to take advantage of the quidco cashback, here is how!

First of all join Quidco by clicking this link

Quidco is a cashback cooperative. You know all all those adverts you see on websites? when you click them and make a purchase a percentage of that sale goes to the website that hosted the ad, this is how websites make money! With Quidco you are clicking the referral link from the Quidco website, and when you make a purchase the commission goes back to Quidco who give it ALL to you. There is a small charge of £5 per year but this comes out of your commission payments, you don't actually hand over any of your money. If you make no commission that year you pay no fee, simple.

Ok so now you know how Quidco works lets set about getting you cashback. Each retailer offers a specific rate which will change regularly dependent upon what they are promoting at the time. Apples rate seems to vary between 3-6% but check the Quidco site at the time you make your purchase to be clear on the rate you will get.

Here are the steps.

1. Clear your cookies, if there is already a cookie for the apple store on your PC that wasn't put there by Quidco your commission will go to the retailer that put it there.

2. Log into Quidco

3. Search for Apple store in Quidco and click the link to visit the Apple store from Quidco.

4. That has taken you to the standard Apple store with no Education discount and dropped a Quidco referral cookie on your machine.

5. Now you need to replace the URL so that you are visiting the Education store, so paste the URL into the address bar of your browser and hit return

6. You will now be in the education store, complete your purchase and your cashback **SHOULD** track to your Quidco account, this may take a few days but check the Quidco page for current tracking times.

7. Sit back and wait to get paid (can take a few months, again check the Quidco stats). Enjoy your new Mac in the interim :)


William Page said...

Hi, I'm a Open University student am am going to upgrade to an iMac very soon. I've seen the discount that I would get with Apple, which is great, but what is the cashback you mention? Is it something I would get if I walked into an apple store and bought an imac with the discount?

Many thanks

Simon said...


Sorry for the delay, I have posted details above on how to get the Quidco cashback.


paul c said...

Apple seem to have different base prices depending on you going to the education site or not; 873.60 macbook air versus 799 the same thing non-student.

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