Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Back from Christmas and the M359 Results and TM470 registration

Ok, lets go.... Final module of my BSc (Hons) in computing is about to begin, Christmas has been and gone and it seems like a blink of the eye ago that I sat my Exams.

The M359 result came in over the Christmas break and I scored a disappointing Pass 3 with an OCAS score of 81% and an OES of 58%. Whilst it was a disappointing result and the poorest result I have had with the OU to date, reading my blog posts back it was quite obvious that I didn't have the usual enthusiasm for this course and ultimately my final grade reflects that.

It is frustrating because if I had pulled my finger out a little more I know I could have done a lot better but hindsight truly is a wonderful thing and when life and work is already on top of you its easy to reprioritise your M359 efforts.

Whilst the grade is what it is I am still looking for a strong 2:1 degree if TM470 goes well and I am quite excited about getting started on it. I parted with the £735.00 a few days ago, which to be honest seems steep for a 30 point module which is likely to have far less support than any module I have studied. I can't help feel that its the final milking of the Student before they graduate, and when it's your own money you've saved up it makes you that bit more conscious of how you spend it. I'll be interested to see if I still feel this way come completion.

I've got an idea for a project and after all my thoughts around carrying out a project on AI based work, over the Christmas break I have come up with a new idea for a concurrent distributed system. It will be a big piece of work and I will probably only have time to do some basic work on it during this project, but if it does go well it is something that could be developed and commercialised so it gives me that bit of extra drive to make it work. More on that to come once it has been approved, for now I wait with baited breath for the course module information to become available so I can get on with the project.

I'm intending on running a project log through a blog but I'll post all that information up once it has been created. I've been looking at project management tools and I think I'm going to take run the management through BaseCamp which is a basic project management facility allowing milestone setting, document storage and note making facilities. You can host one project for free at BaseCamp by visiting this link. I've also been looking at source control hosting and have been debating between Google Code and Git Hub  I'll post up once I've decided on which to go with.

Until then good luck with the 2012 study!


George Dawson said...

Online project management system lets you supervise your time adeptly and competently.

Simon said...

Hi Simon,

Hm, M359 - my least favourite course - and I managed a similar 56%/83% and also had a Pass 3. Shame because its an interesting and very relevant subject.
Your TM470 project sounds like it is going to be challenging and interesting (which is just how it should be!), so good luck with that - and I look forward to reading your blog posts as you progress with that.
My own studying is on hold again for the same reason that I took a two year break previously. No idea when studying will resume - far more important and pressing concerns to manage at present - but I hope to return to the OU one day and finally get the BSc.
Anyway, Happy New Year to you and yours and keep those posts coming!


Simon K.

Simon said...

Hi Simon,

Good to hear from you and I'm sorry that your study has had to go back on hold again. I hope everything is ok and you get back to studying in the not too distant future.

Yes M359 was definitely not my favourite course, far from it!! I completely agree with you though it is interesting and relevant I really never got 'into' it in the way that I have other modules. I'm glad to be winding up the degree now, its incredible to be able to glimpse that light at the end of the tunnel. Potentially looking forward to further study and an MSc but I think I'll work a break in there first!

Happy New Year to you and the family.