Thursday, 13 October 2011

M366 Exam Complete and Assignment scores

So the exam is complete and there is no doubt about it, it was a real slog.... This is the first time I have ever had to write all the way up to the end of an exam, there is just so much content in this course that you end up putting down lots of information. I think it went ok, a couple of bits didn't go too great but overall I managed to work through the questions reasonably.

One issue I had was a misprinted formula in the exam book, I knew the formula must have been incorrect but thought I would revisit it at the end, little did I know how long the exam would take and when I had a quick glance at the end I noticed what the issue was but didn't have time to re-write my calculations. I've posted this up in the course forums and it looks like everyone else had noticed the formula issue, hopefully we won't be penalised for using the incorrect formula.

I'd agree with a lot of people that this course could be considered a 60 pointer, it has a phenomenal about of work to get through and when it comes to revision time you realise just how much you need to learn. That being said it is an extremely interesting course and I would recommend it for anyone with an interest in the subject matter.

I noticed I never posted the TMA 04 results for the two modules so here they are..... As it stands I'm operating at something like 86% average for M366 and with substitution I think I will be around the early 80% for M359.

M366 TMA04 - 88

M359 TMA04 - 83

Back to revision for the M359 exam next Wednesday, my last exam with the OU! Just a project to go after that!


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Gary W. Deason said...

Yeah, I had a similar experience, but I was lucky, because these guys have helped me to prepare very well and after that I even didnt worried.