Wednesday, 19 October 2011

M359 Exam complete, TM470 here I come...

Just returned from the M359 Exam and it was tricky although I think I have got enough marks to pass (well here is hoping).  I made sure to take time over the questions and go back over them trying to squeeze out any marks that I may have missed and whilst there were the odd 2 marks where I was literally clueless in general it felt better than it could have done. I certainly wouldn't have liked sitting the course on its first few presentations as I really think I would have struggled without access to all the past papers.

I have also enrolled on TM470, the project element of many of the Computing degrees run by the OU. I believe this is its second presentation, and in a nutshell as a student you chose a topic of interest out of those that you have studied at level 3 and carry out a project into a particular area with some (but not a lot of) tutor support.

I'm quite excited about the idea, I bumped into Paul a fellow OU undergrad at the exam today who has been mirroring my courses over the last few years as we both head towards the same degree. We were discussing how the AI area is of particular interest and it sounds like Paul has already made good progress with thrashing out a concept for his project and starting to research it. As for me I am pretty confident that I will base mine on AI although I'm fully intending on giving myself a few weeks off before I start to do any research into the matter.

The good news is that was the last exam I have to sit for my degree (and hopefully for a little while longer), I didn't find the course fairly dry compared to M366 but it is bread and butter computing theory so everyone really should do it or something similar to become well rounded in the subject.

That's it for now, I'll update anything new with TM470 as it comes around, I wish everyone who is sitting exams good luck and hope the Christmas results period is a festive one.

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