Saturday, 27 August 2011

Bringing everything up to date

Life has got the better of me for the last few months and I haven't kept on top of my blog in any way whatsoever. Now that I have a few moments I thought I'd write a short blog to bring everything up to date.

TMA02 - As expected this didn't go particularly well and I scored 65%, the less said about that the better.

TMA03 - I managed to get back into my stride with this TMA and scored 89% so hopefully pushing through TMA04 which I am currently doing I should be able to bring the average back up to a respectable position.

TMA02 - I scored 95% in this TMA which I was really pleased with, the course content is extremely interesting and up to this point my marks reflected how enjoyable it was.

TMA03 - In this TMA I scored 75%, I struggled a little with the work on error curves but to be honest this asignment was probably one of the worst I have ever been delivered by the OU. Multiple errata were issued and the TMA had a rushed feel about it, a lot of students on the course forums voiced there concerns about this so hopefully the OU have taken note.

In general I am finding M359 fairly dry and uninteresting which is making it that much more difficult to spend time working at it compared to M366 which is extremely interesting and engaging and is a real pleasure to study. I am concerned about how the timetable has split the work for M366 with the vast majority of the work, two 30% weighted assignments and the final exam, falling in the last 11 weeks of the course. I'm not sure much can be done about that as you have to cover the basics before tackling the more advanced topics, but its not the most fun I have ever had!

This years study comes to a close in Mid October and then I will have a short break over the winter until I begin my final module, the computing project in February. The majority of the theory for my degree has been taught and now its just a case of putting it into practise before being a graduate, which has got me feeling fairly reflective already but I don't want to get ahead of myself just yet and will save those thoughts for another blog post.

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Simon said...

Hi Simon, Your comments about M359 seem just about right! I remember that when I did this course on its first presentation it was dry and not the most interestingly presented of courses. And the exam was a challenge - there were so many complaints about that that they changed the layout of the exam paper for the following year. I struggled with it but the knowlegde that I gained has been cery useful to me from a work point of view.

But M366 is one course that I definately have to do. Don't know when because life has thrown us another curved ball so everything OU is going hold after the October exam. Will resume at some later date.

I look forwards to the next post from you!

Keep well.