Tuesday, 26 April 2011

M366 TMA01 Results

I received my results for M366 TMA01 and scored a great 93% which I am really chuffed with. This easily felt like the hardest assignment that I have had to complete in my degree so far, and it took me a lot of time to complete. I was honestly thinking this is going to be a fail and was nervous when the results e-mail came through but it looks as though the hard work paid off.

I submitted M359 TMA02 this evening which has been pretty tricky in itself, in particular the problematic Q3 B) iii) which had a discussion well over 50 posts deep in the course forum with what looks like only 1 person so far claiming they have managed to solve it. It surrounds relational algebra and I'll confess now I didn't solve it, I put down all my working to get to the different relations I thought would help answer the question, but ultimately it is worth 6 marks out of 100 and I invested many many hours into it to no avail. If I can scrape a couple of marks from what I managed to jot down I will be pleased, but I'm somewhat comforted by not being the only person in this position.

Hopefully the results aren't too hideous!


Simon said...

Hi Simon,

93% - That is something to shout about! Looks like you are enjoying the challenge of M366. I have to say that, on paper, this should be a fascinating course and it is the one that I am really looking forwards to doing (next year). I delve into the M366 pdf's every now and again - when I have the time (which is almost never!).

Good luck with your TMA for M359 - I'm sure you'll be fine.


Santiago said...

Hi Simon,
I managed to solve q3.b.iii. in M359 TMA02 and got full marks on that (6/6) but I lost 6 points in the TMA anyway.

It's like my own karma wheel TMA01=93, TMA02=94. I lost marks due to little things here and there even when I review my own work a lot before deciding to submit it...but I'm happy with the results.

My advice is not to put too much attention to things that aren't under our control if you did your best doing them and value our efforts (and not only the results).

Reading your blog I think you're doing it really well. Keep on the good work, your BSc is nearer every day (seeing your grades I can tell it will be at least a 2:1).

Good luck,