Sunday, 10 April 2011

M359 TMA01 and the year so far

Well its been a long time since I last got around to updating the blog so I thought that it would be important to take a little bit of time to write down how the year has gone so far.

I'm currently studying M359 Relational Database Theory and Design and M366 Natural and Artificial Intelligence. Its fair to say that the workload of these courses has definitely made me have to raise my ame a bit to fit everything in alongside work and social commitments.

M366 has a particularly heavy workload with lots of theory which I found myself re-reading and expanding upon further through online and offline resources. It feels like everytime I turn a page another intruiging concept or idea is dropped on me and I have to go and explore it further to make sure I am understanding it fully or just to find out that bit more. It's an extremely interesting course, but it is definitely taking up more time than any other 30 credit module that I have studied to date. I am currently working through the first TMA which is due during the middle of next week so hopefully it all goes well.

The first TMA for M359 was due during the end of March and I scored 80% which I am quite pleased with. Databases have never been something I have invested much time in learning before, getting by with what I have picked up as I have worked with them over the years. It is nice to actually sit down and go back to the beginning and truly understand how databases have evolved and how we have reached the relational database models that are so common today, but also where we seem to be going in the future. The course is covering the fundementals but also more advanced concepts and I hope that by the end of it my patchy DB experience will be much more well rounded. Watch this space ...

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