Friday, 17 December 2010

M362 and M363 Results

The results were made available last night and I am overall quite pleased with how I did.

M362 I scored 73% in the exam giving me a pass 2, I was initially a little disappointed with this grade until I looked at how all the other students faired with 46% of all students who sat the exam scoring less than the 40% minimum. This proved to be a particularly difficult exam but I'm glad I was able to keep up my grade in the pass 2 region.

M363 was very similar in score with 74% giving me a pass 2 again, students in general seemed to have a fairly evenly spread distribution of scores, with 9% getting distinctions and 19% getting pass 2's the rest of the grade ranges followed in the teens.

I enjoyed the study last year and have just registered for my next lot of courses. After seeking advice from the OU they have suggested I don't study 2 level 3 courses and my final project at once, which is a shame really as it adds another year on to my studies but does mean I won't let my degree suffer as a result. I have gone for M366 Natural and Artificial Intelligence and M359 Relational Database theory and design.