Monday, 15 November 2010

Open University Changes to IT program update!

Following the last blog, and judging by the comments I'm not the only person who couldn't get the link to work, the OU has sent another e-mail out with a revised link which is direct to the ou website.

A copy of the email is below..

We recently contacted you to let you know about changes to our Computing and ICT qualifications.

In the message we sent you we provided details of a website for you to visit to find out more. Unfortunately, we are experiencing problems with this website and have therefore set up an alternative.

The new website can be accessed at

Please visit this site for details of the changes to our Computing and ICT qualifications and to find out how you and your studies may be affected by these changes.

If you have problems accessing this site please contact the Faculty using the enquiry form at

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Linda Landsberg
Programme Manager

The website is quite comprehensive and contains details of what is happening and letters to students of each of the affected courses explaining what is happening and the impact that it will have.

The outline of the B62 course is also made available, this is the course that will replace a large number of the undergraduate computing courses. It seems to be an amalgamation of technology and computing syllabuses with M450 being replaced by TM470 (which I think might be the module I end up taking if this is indeed M450's last presentation). A quick browse of google turned up this link, which seems to confirm my suspicions and means my final project will be a first presentation course. There also sees to be nested documents for each of the joint honours B67 degrees, if people feel that they would be valuable to link them I can upload them also.

I have uploaded a copy of the B62 structure here.

It does seem very broad, the pathways document outlines 3 Accredited strands being Software Engineering, ICT and IT and Computing. These three strands appear to maintain a level of BCS accreditation which is good but I am unsure at what level the accreditation will be. When looking at the pathways advice document it outlines more refined core strands including vendor certification and work-based learning which I assume do not have the BCS accreditation that the others maintain.

Both documents have been attached below.

I hope that gives existing students and those who cannot access the website enough information to go on. I think its important that people understand what their options are and what the impact of this decision to amalgamate the syllabus will have on your choice of degree.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Open University IT course changes

This blog has been updated. Click HERE
Last night I received an e-mail stating that the OU will be replacing a lot of there qualifications in the IT area and replacing them with new courses. A copy of the e-mail is attached.

We are contacting you to let you know about changes to ALL of the OU’s Computing and ICT qualifications.

What are the changes?
For complete details of the changes visit our website at If you have problems accessing this site please contact the Faculty using the enquiry form at

The following new qualifications have been introduced:
* Certificate in Computing and IT (K10)
* Diploma of Higher Education (DipHE) in Computing and IT (E66)
* Diploma of Higher Education (DipHE) in Computing and IT Practice (E67)
* Foundation Degree in Computing and IT Practice (G23)
* BSc (Hons) Computing and IT (B62)
* BSc (Hons) Computing and IT Practice (top up) (B68)
* BSc (Hons) Computing and IT (joint honours) (B67)

Currently the B67 joint honours qualification is available as:
* BSc(Hons) Computing, IT and Business
* BSc(Hons) Computing, IT and Design
* BSc (Hons) Computing, IT and Mathematics
* BSc(Hons) Computing, IT and Statistics
* BSc (Hons) Computing, IT and Psychology

These replace the following qualifications that are to be withdrawn:
* Diploma in Computing (D12)
* Diploma in Information Technology (D39)
* Diploma of Higher Education in ICT (E39)
* Diploma of Higher Education in Computing and its Practice (E41)
* Diploma of Higher Education in Business Information Technology (E45)
* Foundation Degree in Information and Communication Technologies (G04)
* Foundation Degree in Computing and its Practice (G06)
* Foundation Degree in Business Information Technology (G13)
* BSc (Hons) Information Technology and Computing (B13)
* BA/BSc (Hons) Computing and Mathematical Sciences (B14)
* BSc (Hons) Computing (B29)
* BA/BSc (Hons) Computing and Statistics (B34)
* BSc (Hons) Computing with Business (B35)
* BSc (Hons) Information and Communication Technologies (B38)
* Top-up BSc (Honours) Computing and its Practice (B40)
* BSc (Hons) Computing and Design (B44)
* BSc (Hons) Computing with Psychological Studies (B49)

B40 will be withdrawn on 31 December 2012.
G13 will be withdrawn on 31 December 2016.
All the other qualifications will be withdrawn on 31 December 2014.

What does this mean for me?
If you want to claim one of the existing qualifications you must complete all the academic requirements before the relevant final withdrawal date.

If this is not possible, you will need to transfer your studies to one of the new qualifications.

All modules which count towards our current qualifications can also be counted towards the new qualifications.
To find details of the changes and how you are likely to be affected you must visit our website at If you have problems accessing this site please contact the Faculty using the enquiry form at

Where can I get more information?
If you need further help or information please get in touch with our Student Registration & Enquiry Service by emailing or by phoning +44 (0)845 300 6090.

Linda Landsberg
Programme Manager
Undergraduate ICT and Computing

It looks like I have until 2014 to finish my studies, which is fine but it will be interesting to see the implications for students who started there degrees later than me. The B67 degree seems to be covering off a large number of undergraduate qualifications, I wonder what it will actually consist of and if it will maintain the BCS accreditation currently provided by the B29 Computing degree.