Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Augmented Reality TED 2010

I have just come across this incredible demo of Augmented Reality by Blaise Aguera architect of Microsoft's Bing Maps. This is really worth a look, it actually blew my mind! Its incredible to think where computing will go in my lifetime.

Watch the video

I wonder when it will feature in the OU's syllabus as an area of study?!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Exams are over!

So the exams are over, Monday's didn't go great (the M362 exam) but I guess its the luck of the draw, we'll see what the overall results are. I was a lot more comfortable in M363 exam with everything I revised coming up in the first section. The second section of the exam was a lot more focused on diagrams which could go either way I guess. I got through the paper at a fair speed and spent a bit of time at the end checking over sections and making sure everything was as good as it could be.

The results are due mid december so fingers crossed until then. I took a way a few lessons on revision for this exam, I think at level 3 it is important to start revision a lot earlier as the volume of information is quite high, also buying past papers from the OUSA for £1.25 is definitely worth it as they give you a good way of seeing how your revision is progressing. I'm looking forward to a study break before January and then picking up the exciting world Artificial Intelligence.

Thanks to J for clearing up the M450 situation on my previous blog. As soon as I find out the details I shall post them up.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

M362/M363 TMA03 Results and Revision

O.k. so it has been a huge gap since my last post, I have had the joy of holding down two level three courses at the same time as planning a wedding/getting married which is definitely not for the feint of heart.

I received my M362 TMA result within a week of submitting it, however M363 was a little slower only being received last week. The results were 95% for M362 and 85% for M363, which are both strong marks and are probably an accurate reflection of how both course went during the final blocks. M362 was definitely the more enjoyable of the two courses and has really taken my Java knowledge that step further.

I attended a revision day two weeks ago for my exams which are tomorrow (for M362) and Wednesday for M363. The OU managed to put both revision days on at the same time in two completely different locations so I decided to attend the one that I had scored better in the assignments for as I want to acheive that ellusive distinction. It was a bit frustrating to be honest, if you look at the proposed learning path for the B29 degree it almost recommends doing these courses at the same time so bookig the revision days together is a bit of an oversight.

Whilst attending the revision day I managed to talk to my tutor about M450 and hat it entails, I was envisaging trying to complete my degree next year by studying two level 3 courses alongside M450 (working a compressed week of 4 days). My tutor suggested that we don't study ANY course at the same time as M450 as it is likely that your project will suffer, in his experience people found managing a project difficult as it is something completely new to a lot of students.

I was hoping that with M450 being listed as its final presentation I could jump on board before they change it, however its now looking like I'll be picking up whatever replaces it and judging by other blogs and reviews sitting an OU course on its first presentation really isn't the best of ideas.

As it stands I plan to take the databasing course and the artificial intelligence course M366 as I only plan on doing this degree once and why not delve into areas that interest me no matter what the potential difficulties are. I look forward to seeing how it plays out.

If anyone has heard about what will be replacing M450 it would be great if you could post some details. As for now I'm back into revision mode!

Good luck with your exams to any one who is sitting them.