Tuesday, 29 June 2010

M362 and M363 TMA02's submitted

Its been a busy 6 weeks having to get on top of the study and submit these two assignments. I submitted M363 a couple of weeks ago and it went o.k. I don't find the modelling particularly interesting (much more of a coder) so I struggle to dedicate as much attention to it as I should. On the flip side it is really important to have the modelling background because you save yourself a heck of a lot of time and headaches in the long run if you just invest some time in a project up front.

I enjoyed M362 TMA02 even if it was a bit trickier than the last assignment. We were asked to work through building up a chat client and creating a functioning (although limited) wiki using Enterprise JavaBeans, Remote Method Invocation and all that jazz.

Really enjoying getting my head around J2EE and some of the more interesting topics in modern computing.


Simon Knights said...

"I don't find the modelling particularly interesting (much more of a coder)"

Yup - that sums me up too!

Sounds like you're still having fun. Good luck Simon.

ram chinna said...

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