Friday, 5 February 2010

M362/M363 The final frontier.....

Hi all

Its been a while since I have updated the blog and I am slowly progressing through my level 3 study, fortunately I seem to be ahead of the game in terms of materials, already up on units 1-3 for both M362 and M363. I am happy too report that whilst both these courses have been taking up my time, they follow naturally on from M257 and M256 respectively.

Alot of old ground has been glossed over to recap which is quite refreshing and some ideas have been taken to alot more depth than they were during level 2. I am really enjoying my study so far more so the programming in M362 over the theory of M363 but this is always what I have been expecting in terms of my personal interests.

On a different note I have picked up on the open source project which uses a java based front end to teach basic programming and do some immense art through code!! I highly recommend it to anyone interested in programming no matter how familiar/unfamiliar you are with java. Its a great way to try simple graphical development and even the basics of game development through a great front end and online community.

I have noticed that the dates of my posts are no longer appearing next to my blog articles and I am hoping to implement a new front end over the next few days to accommodate these changes to the back end, so don't be surprised if the theme of the block changes quite drastically.

I hope everyones studies are going well and wish you all the best of luck!

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