Tuesday, 8 September 2009

M256 TMA03 Results and M253 Milestone 2

I received my results for TMA03 Today and scored 91% which I am pleased with as it brings my average to 86.6% after the three assignments. There was a delay in getting this grade back due to my tutor not being particularly well over recent months. I have to submit TMA04 on Thursday then sit the exam at the end of October so this course has really flown bye.

M253 is keeping me busy though, we had the deadline of Milestone 2 last week and all got submitted on time. Our team seems to be working well, I have definitely taken a bit of a back seat during the last Milestone as some team members are taking an unofficial leadership position but this actually suits me with my current work commitments and I appreciate the time they are putting in.

I will say that this course isn't appearing to be as bad as I thought it would be, probably because everyone on our team is contributing equally and we are getting on with it, however I can see how it could be a nightmare if your team had people that didn't even show there faces. My word of advice to any would be candidates is that if you do enrol on this course, get involved and stick to a schedule, if you meet deadlines it makes things nice and easy and if jobs are shared out amongst the team everyone has more than enough to write about during their self reflection work and Milestone reports. Also be open to peoples opinions and share your own, any conflicts of opinion can be discussed and if a compromise cannot be reach within your group you can always approach your tutor for some advice.

We have just started work on Milestone 3 and as long as things stay the way they are I think I will make it through this course alive and without any of the wounds I read about in the course reviews over at the OU Website. I'll let you know when the results of Milestone 2 are in.


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Daniel Stenning-West said...

Hi Simon. Glad to see that I'm not the only one enjoying M253 (contrary to what all the reviews said about it). The team I'm in is working very well together and it certainly makes the course easier! Good luck for Milestone 3.