Friday, 11 September 2009

M253 Milestone 2 Results, M256 TM04 Submitted

Results are in and I scored a better 70%. I'm quite happy with this result and as explained in my previous post I was conscious that I wouldn't be hitting the high marks as my contributions haven't been as full on as other team members. Still I am happy with this and I think our whole team are confident about Milestone 3. Role on!

I submitted TMA04 for M256 which consisted of a theory based question a coding based question and a final question which required us to answer multiple choice questions on the entire course material to aid with revision. The TMA was o.k. and hopefully I can get above 85%. I have also been invited to a pub quiz for M256 today via the OU Elluminate forums, I think it may well be a great method of revision and I am quite looking forward to it.

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