Thursday, 6 August 2009

M253 Milestone 1 result

I received the result for Milestone 1, which was 55% and my tutors comments said a pass was good for this course due to the nature of the type of team response that are submitted. To be honest I'll take a pass on this course, it's difficult to control your grade in this type of course and it seriously eats up the time. For 10 points I spend more time on it than the 30 point M256!


Simon Knights said...

Hi Simon,

I have heard a number of comments about M253 - none of them complimentary it has to be said! I think a pass is a good achievement on this course. It is the one course that I have avoided at all costs - I even switched my degree to avoid it!

Hope you get time now to enjoy the summer!


Liam Cromar said...

Any sort of pass on M253 (I believe the only two options are Pass and Fail, no Distinctions available) is indeed good. From what I recall, M253 yielded my lowest assignment scores up to that point. Fortunately it didn't matter overly, but it was an eye-opener.

I also agree that the workload is excessive for a 10-point course: however, if it were increased, perhaps grading would be introduced, which would be a very bad thing, in my opinion, for the reason you outlined!

Ian M. said...

Well done!!!