Wednesday, 13 May 2009

M253 Late Registration

Just had confirmation today that my late registration application for this course was accepted, enrolment ended on Saturday the 9th which I missed as I was away for a few days. I phoned 1st thing Monday so I'm glad I made it, it means I will be getting my Diploma this year!

I managed to get TMA03 off this evening, all present and correct, after battling with aa hang in my code on the last part of question 3. Ends up just printing the words +Ok solved it, which will mean nothing to anyone but I don't want to give away anything as the deadline isn't until tomorrow.

Its always the way with these things though, debugging code and not being able to spot the simplest of problems for a rediculous amount of time yet the 'complicated' code works straight away. The funny thing is I had my realisation just as I was putting a Jacket Patatoe in the oven (I had almost given up at that point) so I ran back up stairs and tried it out and all worked. Thank god!


Simon Knights said...

Hi Simon,
I've had this same experience many time - stuck on a problem that seems intractable, leave it and do something else and, hey presto, the solution pops into ones conscious mind. I'm certain that the unconscious mind has been working away.

The brain and its mind are a marvellous thing!

Good luck with M253.

Simon K.

Daniel Stenning-West said...

Hi Simon,

I was just wondering how you're getting on with M253 - if you're team is on the same schedule as my team you should be on week 4 now?!?

Good luck, all the best.

Daniel Stenning-West

Simon said...

Hi Daniel,

Sorry for the delay in replying, I've posted a little update on the blog. Have a read and share how you getting on as a comment. I'd be interested to read another opinion.