Monday, 11 May 2009

Deadlines!! M257 TMA03, Windows 7 RC and Day Schools

I've just made the upgrade to the Windows 7 RC and I have 4 days to the deadline of TMA03 of M257 so I am frantically trying to install the old app that is netbeans 4.1. The upgrade took about 4.5 hours which is unbelievable but I wanted to keep all my Windows Vista config so it was worth it.

Everything seems to be working fine under the RC but the Open University netbeans install cd looks a little shocking. No checkboxes, or cool graphics for that matter, but I'll put that down to the new underpinnings of Windows 7. I couldn't install the mobility pack for netbeans 4 as it couldn't work out where the current install was in my hard drive. Great! (I don't really need though, why the OU can't let us use netbeans 6.5 is beyond me).

I'll keep you posted on the progress but so far everything seems to be working fine including firstclass v9.1 which is good to know.

This Saturday I have a day school for M257 then it will be revising time until the exam day. Unfortunately my M256 tutorial clashes with this so it will have to be missed.

P.s I've added a few blogs to the blogs of note section so take a look at them if you get a chance.

UPDATE: I spent a good 20 minutes trying to install netbeans 4.1 but Windows 7 was having none of it. I did manage to get it installed though by doing the following. Right click on the netbeans installation file and click troubleshoot compatability settings near the top. Once it tries and detects problems click "Troubleshoot Program". You will be presented with 4 checkboxes check the top one labelled "The program worked in an earlier version of Windows but won't install or run now". Then click next. You are now presented with a list of Operating systems, I tried these sequentially and the first one that worked was Windows 2000, which suprised me as windows xp sp2 and sp3 didn't work?? Hope this helps with netbeans or any other programs you have trouble installing on Windows 7.


Liam Cromar said...

Hi there,

Thanks for the tips - I've just been having the same problem with Windows 7 RC x64. Hope all will go smoothly now!

All the best with TMA03.

Simon said...

Hi Liam,

Glad it helped, I went 32-bit as I'm not sure what the driver support is like for the 64-bit OS. How are you getting on with it? 32-Bit seems very stable I haven't had any problems with it at all, and everything with the exception of netbeans 4 seemed to work out of the box (I used to get issues with netbeans on Vista though so hardly surprising).



Liam Cromar said...

Hi Simon,

So far Windows 7 has been brilliant. I had endless problems trying to get XP to install but 7 detected my AMD 760G RAID array straight away with no need to mess around with loading drivers. Only things that don't yet work are an old scanner and a cheap webcam, neither of which are essential to me.

That having been said - I haven't actually got NetBeans 4.1 to work properly. I've specified it to use compatibility mode for Windows 2000 but to no avail; when I try to open a project it crashes with a message that java.exe has stopped working. For M257 TMA03 I had to eventually just use a Vista computer instead; that worked fine.

I think I may have to resort to using Virtual XP mode to get NetBeans 4.1 working. I hope the OU get a move on and switch to NetBeans 6.5; it's mildly ridiculous that a course on Java, of all technologies, is so restrictive with regards the platform that can be used.



Simon said...

Hi Liam

The only way I got it to work was to install it cleanly from the installation CD using the windows 2000 compatability mode. I'm interested in the windows XP mode but it all sounds a little rudimentary having to boot up a virtual machine to run one app. I think it will be a matter of time for 6.5, thats if netbeans survives the Oracle takeover!


Matthew said...

Thanks for the Windows 7 tips - I had been struggling for ages trying to install NetBeans 4.1. Your tip worked a treat. Using Windows 7 RC on a netbook - not as foolhardy as it sounds! Certainly more viable than Vista on a netbook ever would have been.

Studio said...


I had the same issue. Changing the compatibility mode helped installing Netbeans 5.0, but now it it throws nullexeption error when i try to start it. I am trying to install Net beans 5.0 from an Open University M887 CD.

Matthew said...

Using NetBeans 4.1 under Windows 7 RC has been working fine, until I tried to use JUnit. When building and running projects that use JUnit, I get an error saying junit.framework cannot be found. Is JUnit working OK for you lot?

David said...


I have also hadthis problem. I had it working for afew months when one day it failed to load. After spending about 4 hours trying various ways to get it working i eventually fell back on Windows 7 "XP Mode" available here -

Which is working well despite running a tad slow.