Wednesday, 25 March 2009

M256 TMA 01 Part 1

I received the results back for this a few days ago and scored 27%.... that's out of a possible 30% so not a bad start and with the rest of the TMA due in on 2nd of April I'm starting to wonder when I'm going to find the time to tackle it. This weekend seems to be a good option but fitting it around all my work commitments at the moment is a bit of a chore to be honest.

I tried to read some of the course material during my lunch breaks this week and I'm finding it all a bit dull. I'm not sure if its because M257 is so fast paced and engaging and M256 just seems to be reams and reams of text or because I just have so many other commitments at the moment that any free time I get I don't want to be studying.

I seem to be constantly having those day dream moments when you read a page about conceptual modelling and then realise when you get to the bottom of it you haven't taken any of it in at all. What you've actually been doing is thinking about whether you should have bolognese or lasagne for dinner. You then have to go all the way back to the top and re-read it, egging yourself on line by line to concentrate and take it in.

Lets be honest, learning shouldn't be this arduous and to date it hasn't been, hopefully when we move on to units later in the course it perks up a bit. It will definitely be all go next year with these level 3 courses kicking in.

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