Sunday, 14 December 2008

M255 Results

Hi all

Apologies for the lack of blog posts, nothing really has been going on with my OU studies for a few months as the first 5 units of M257 have been revisiting topics I have covered in previous study. I di receive my M256 course materials though and I am readying myself for more involved study in the new year.

I received my M255 results on Tuesday last week, I scored a Pass 2 with 79% in the exam. I am really gutted as I had a TMA average of 92% and seemed to have slipped up on the exam.

Here is a breakdown
Overall examinable score (OES) :
Overall continuous assessment score (OCAS) :

Your performance on particular aspects
Part 1

Scale: 85-100%, 70-84%, 55-69%, 40-54%, 30-39%, 15-29%, 0-14%
Questions 01 to 20

Part 2
Scale: 85-100%, 70-84%, 55-69%, 40-54%, 30-39%, 15-29%, 0-14%
Question 21
Question 22
Question 23
Question 24

Its fairly obvious that question 23 let me down. I have attached the scores of all students below.
Scale: A = 85-100%, B = 70-84%, C = 55-69%, D = 40-54%, E = 30-39%, F = 15-29%, G = 0-14%

It looks like I wasn't the only person to struggle with the question, with over half of students acheiving 54% or less. The question revolved around Sets and I'd be interested to see the mark scheme as it must have been fairly strict for so many people to get it wrong.
Anyway, whats done is done, all I can do is give the rest of my studies my all and hope I achieve my potential.

I hope all is well and everyone who had results in December achieved what they wanted to achieve!

Have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! (I've got to get my assignement head on for TMAo1 M257!)



Simon Knights said...

Hi Simon,

Well done on M255 - looks like you are going to well versed in Java after doing this one and M257 and M256!

Have a good Christmas - I look forward to more of your postings in the new year.


Simon said...

Thanks Simon, I sure will! Hope you have a great Christmas break.

Take Care

nick said...

You're not alone -- last year in M338 I had a TMA average of 96 and only managed 73 in the exam. Rather disappointing as I thought I had done a lot better. Congratulations anyway!