Sunday, 24 August 2008

MU120 and M263 course results!

This is the first opportunity I have had to get my results up so apologies for the delay as they came out about 3 weeks ago!!

MU120 came in at 88% overall as I was a little lazy on the last TMA/CMA but its a more than comfortable pass and goes down as 30 credits towards my degree (slowly getting there).

M263 results were a little frustrating, I scored 83% in my exam and 83% in my overall continuous assessment (TMA average) scores which is 2% off a distinction on both counts! I'm obviously extremely pleased to have passed this course as it was a lot more difficult that I was expecting a level 2 course to be, but the knowledge that I got so close to a distinction makes me wonder if I could have just put that little bit more effort in.

Either way a pass is a pass and I am glad to put another years worth of study behind me!

Hope everyone else got the results they wanted....

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Simon Knights said...

Simon - don't knock yourself - 83% is a very respectable score!

I have 2 exams coming up in early October so I'm doing as much revising as I can - and working on the two final TMA's. I'll post my results nearer Christmas.