Monday, 16 June 2008

M263 Finished!! and other updates....

I have just got home after my M263 exam, and finally I am relieved to say I have finished the course! The exam actually went well, I took Thursday and Friday off to work through past papers, using the weekend to consolidate any areas I struggled on, and hand write full examples into the course handbook. One thing I did notice was that the past papers got progressively harder from 2004 - 2007, with 2007 being a lot more difficult than 2004. Needless to say the 2008 paper seemed to be a step up again, with the first 14 questions seeming more difficult than any of the past papers I had attempted. Either way it is all done now and it will be a case of awaiting my result.

I scored 74% on TMA04 for M263, which is a good result as at one point I was debating submitting it at all, fortunately that idea didn't last long! So hopefully through substitution and a good exam score I should achieve a 2.1, I'm not holding my breath though.

I also recently received my M255 TMA02 result, 89%, which is a 2 percent improvement on last time, however I did lose marks for not including some code in my submission document (it was it the java files). I basically coded everything only placing code into the word document when the tma stated to, after reading the from of the assignment booklet it said everything needs to be in there, so i copied and pasted it all and obviously missed some. Tough luck though, second time its happened in my OU career, hopefully it won't happen again.

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