Tuesday, 20 May 2008

The Fog Clears....

First of all I'd like to thank Simon Knights for his e-mail last week regarding my last blog entry, and in particular the AI course.

Simon made a very valid point which I hadn't considered. Whilst thinking about my future study path I was proposing to study all my level two courses up front leaving the last 2 and a half years of my degree as back to back level 3 courses. This got me thinking, is it wise to leave all the hard work until the end, or should I intersperse the level 2 and level 3 courses??

Unfortunately the choice was/is out of my control. There is a lot of uncertainty/rumours surrounding jobs at the moment and I need to get all my Java learning up together ASAP in case the worst happens and I find myself looking for work (Java seems to be a fairly employable skill set). As a result I have registered for M256 (30 points) and M257 (20 points) commencing January 2009 and October 2008 respectively.

I also contacted the OU regarding M253, the 10 point course which has the tag line of being the worst course people have ever studied (if you believe the reviews that is). The OU suggested I studied the May 2009 Presentation of M253 which would keep workloads down to a minimum over the academic year and mean that by September 2009 I will have my Diploma in computing. I haven't actually got around to registering for this course but I think it is inevitable that I will follow the OU's recommendations.

Obviously this is going to leave me with a whole load of level 3 work to tackle at the back end of my degree, I can only assume this is how traditional degrees pan out anyway??

M263 TMA04 is still being a real pain in the backside and is due in on Thursday, I have had to take some time off work tomorrow to really try and tackle these proof questions (work commitments have really limited the amount of time I can spend on these). I have managed to answer all the recursion and efficiency questions though, so worst comes to worst, the score will count towards substitution which will hopefully help out. I do plan on getting some marks out of these proof questions, whether or not it happens is a different question.

The next 4 weeks are stacking up with an assignment due in every Thursday for the next 3 weeks followed by an end of course examination. Couple that with normal study time of M255 and revision and I'd say I've waived goodbye to my social life for a month.

90 Credits really is not a good idea unless you have plenty of spare time!


Sonja said...

Yes, 90 credits are indeed too much if you are working full time or have two kids at home, like me! Anyway, good luck with your next TMA, mine is due today, and I still need to rework some details until I submit it later today.

Simon said...


Thanks for your comment! Seems like we are both hard at work on the TMA's!

I really am inspired by people who study whilst raising their family, for all the pains full time work can bring, at least you can leave work at work (to an extent), then come home and tackle the books in peace.

Unfortunately kids don't stop!

Good luck with your TMA, I hope goes well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon,
I think your site gives an excellent view of what OU courses can be like. I admire your perseverence and hard work as it must be hard fitting everything in when you have a full time job. Or children for that matter like Sonja!
Keep us updated on your progress and wishing you lots of luck.