Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Yaldex Tutorial M150


So I have been banging on about this Yaldex video.....

Here it is!

Specifically aimed at M150 students for the debugging features which will save hours during M150 TMA's.

Apologies for the audio, recorded on a laptop with a mic built into the screen, did my best with what I had. The video is a little small so an alternative copy can be found HERE.

Software can be found HERE


MU120 TMA03 and M255 TMA01 results

I have had the results back for MU120 TMA03 and M255 TMA01;

MU120 TMA03 = 92%
M255 TMA01 = 87%

I am pleased with the MU120 score but was hoping for a higher score in M255. I left my marks slip in the last question, which involved an implementation of a piece of software to handle video rentals and asked you to improve it. I missed marks for my lack of accessor statements, which is my own fault and fairly obvious on retrospect.

The blog has seen a rise in hits since the OU published the Microsoft Dreamspark offer on Student home, seems people are benefiting from the info which is great!

I recorded the video for the Yaldex tutorial but I am not happy with the sound quality, I will try and remove some of the noise etc and get it up this week.

Friday, 11 April 2008

1 Year old

So i'm currently at the gym waiting for the better half to shower and thought I'd update the blog. I am glad to say the last week is over, which saw three assignment deadlines all come together and required some serious last minute time management (never again!). I can hopefully work on those Yaldex videos this weekend which will hopefully help a number of students study some of the level 1 OU Computing courses.

Whilst starting this blog i realised that it has been almost a year since it was first set up (13th April 2007) and I started to realise how much has changed in a year, both inside and outside my OU life, i'm quickly approaching my third year of a 5 year degree (fingers crossed) and I really do wonder where the time goes, answers on the back of a postcard......

Thats enough reminicing for today, i'm off home to indulge in some mario kart wii.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

MU120 TMA03, M263 TMA03, M255 TMA01 and Javascript video tutorials!

Its been almost a month to the day since my last blog post, which is very poor on my part, but is due to a combination of life and work and 3 assignments all falling at the same time.

I worked hard on Mu120, which although only being a level one course, I seem to be spending plenty of time on the questions come assignment time (maths never was my strong point). Coupled with the fact that my priorities are definitely toward getting high marks in M263 and M255 my actual study of the MU120 modules has slipped a lot in the last 6 weeks, meaning a lot of catch up and skimming during the assignment period.

The other two assignments are almost at completion, and even though I am only one assignment deep I have come to the conclusion already that M255 is definitely my favourite course so far, one which I recommend to any one interested in studying computing with the OU.

I'll post the scores when I know them.

Due to the popularity of my post about the Yaldex 1st Javascript Editor last year (it has been my most hit page for the last few months) I am going to record some very basic video tutorials about using the software, particularly for debugging for all the M150 students bashing there head against a brick wall come assignment time. This should be done within the next week and will be posted on the blog.