Saturday, 19 January 2008

MU120 TMA02

Although this isn't due for a few weeks I have spent the last few days working on TMA02 for MU120. I finally wrapped it up last night and I will submit it to my tutor at todays tutorial.

I haven't been giving MU120 as much time as I should, focusing most of my time on M263 as it counts towards my degree classification, but knowing that I'm starting M255 Object Oriented Programming with Java next week I thought I best get my work in order.

Maths has never been my strong point, however the TMA was fairly straight forward with the algebra sections taking up the majority of my time.

I would say that the OU teaching materials are first class at explaining mathematical topics such as algebra, and are a big step up from the way topics were presented to me at secondary school.

Maybe the government should look at licencing materials?

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