Tuesday, 29 January 2008

M255 Materials Arrived

Finally the M255 course materials arrived this morning, just in the nick of time!

They were accompanied by a letter from my course tutor outlining his role and how we will interact as a tutor group which is something I have never had from an OU tutor before and it is quite reassuring that he is on top of whats going on (we've all experienced the tutors who are not so...)

I've got the software installed which consists of the Java SDK, an IDE called BlueJ and the M255 specific study materials. I haven't had a chance to play around with them yet as I have to get TMA02 completed for M263 by the weekend. One things for sure, the next few months will be interesting, if not least from a time managment perspective.

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Simon Knights said...

Hi Simon,
BlueJ is a super IDE for trying out things - you can get it to execute specific instances of objects and really see what is going on - you can also use it to run and debug applications that are incomplete.

There is a BlueJ book but it is quite expensive (£40 - at least thats what I paid for it) although I have seen second copies about for around £5.

Hope you enjoy the course.