Sunday, 2 December 2007

M263 TMA01 Pt2, MU120 TMA01 Pt2


It has been a fair old while since I have had an opportunity to update the blog. I have recently made an offer on my first house and have been spending all my time (and salary) in places like ikea and B&Q.

I finally finished this last thursday and got it submitted, it was quite a step up from TMA01 Pt1 which filled about a page of A4! I did enjoy it though and although it was more time consuming than I had expected the questions were workable and interesting/engaging so it wasn't all that painful. I just need to wait for the results now, fingers crossed it goes well.

A few weeks ago I submitted TMA01 Pt2 for MU120 by post (you have no choice unfortunately) but i still haven't had any reply/grade yet. I think i need to get onto my tutor to see if she definitely received it, I would like to think I would have been told if they thought that I had blown my deadline.... but equally I could pick up the phone and check that it got there. In future I think I will make sure I send these things recorded delivery so I have peace of mind.

Christmas is fast approaching (where does the time go??) and and I have one more CMA to submit before the christmas break, which I can use to work on the next TMA's. Hopefully before then I will be able to post my results for TMA01.

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