Tuesday, 18 December 2007

M263 TMA01

Results are in! A respectable 90%, silly mistakes as ever to lose the marks, will I ever learn?! One thing I have learnt is to go by your instincts, if you believe the logic in your answer is right go with it! (Unfortunately due to not trusting myself I have amended answers only to lose marks).

The second bit of good news is I have a completion date of Friday for my new house which is quick so I'm going to have a busy christmas break.

I have also tried the 'Blog readability test' which was brought to my attention by Simon Knights and Ian Macey which rated the education level required to read my blog as High School.... so your all safe ;-) ..... for now.

Merry Christmas


Saturday, 15 December 2007

MU120 TMA01 Results

I have finally got my TMA01 Results for MU120 with a score of 97%. I am really pleased with this score and hopefully I can keep it up. Just need to find out the results for CMA42 now which was submitted last week and went quite well.

Incase I dont get the M263 TMA01 results before the christmas break may I take this opportunity to wish you all a merry christmas. Put your feet up and make sure you enjoy your break from studying!


Sunday, 2 December 2007

M263 TMA01 Pt2, MU120 TMA01 Pt2


It has been a fair old while since I have had an opportunity to update the blog. I have recently made an offer on my first house and have been spending all my time (and salary) in places like ikea and B&Q.

I finally finished this last thursday and got it submitted, it was quite a step up from TMA01 Pt1 which filled about a page of A4! I did enjoy it though and although it was more time consuming than I had expected the questions were workable and interesting/engaging so it wasn't all that painful. I just need to wait for the results now, fingers crossed it goes well.

A few weeks ago I submitted TMA01 Pt2 for MU120 by post (you have no choice unfortunately) but i still haven't had any reply/grade yet. I think i need to get onto my tutor to see if she definitely received it, I would like to think I would have been told if they thought that I had blown my deadline.... but equally I could pick up the phone and check that it got there. In future I think I will make sure I send these things recorded delivery so I have peace of mind.

Christmas is fast approaching (where does the time go??) and and I have one more CMA to submit before the christmas break, which I can use to work on the next TMA's. Hopefully before then I will be able to post my results for TMA01.