Saturday, 3 November 2007

M263 and MU120 TMA 01 Pt 1 Results

I had both of these back this week and scored 95% on both. I am fairly happy with the results but the mistakes I did make were silly mistakes.

On Mu120 I made mistakes when listing a Calculator input procedure not including the enter key where it should have been, which was an easy mark given away.

In M263 there was a question surrounding the Character 'g' and the string "G". The course text does state that strings and characters are completely different however there was a piece in the text that said a single character string is identical to an individual character (I'm not at home at the moment so don't have the resources to hand). This lead to confusion and the loss of a mark but thats my fault for not just sticking with the overall idea the course text was presenting.

All in all though not a bad start and if i can keep up the grades I will be happy come May/June Time.

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