Monday, 1 October 2007

NUS Extra card arrival!

This is a follow up post to an entry I wrote last week surrounding the new NUS Extra card now available to all Open University Students. After a short time from application (Around 6 days) I received my NUS Extra Card on Saturday 29th September in the post as can be seen in the two photos attached.

As can be seen in this photo, the back of the card clearly shows the Open University Student Associations Logo on the back just under the signature strip.

After activating the card online which was a quick process I have already put it to use on Amazon to get an extra 5% off! At this rate I will recoup the cost of the card in no time at all. Roll on the discounts!

For note, whilst waiting for the card I received an e-mail saying as a security measure my card would be sent to my students union and I would be e-mailed when it was ready for collection. This is obviously a measure put in place to prevent abuse in traditional universities, however I am pleased to say that despite receiving this e-mail.... the card still arrived on my doorstep without any need to go to the OU for collection.

I hope the rest of you make the most of this great opportunity, whether it is for discounted meals, clothes or nights out reward your hard work and study with an NUS Extra Card. I know I will!


Simon Knights said...

Hi Simon,

Interesting info about the NUS Extra card - think I might have to get one, I spend enough on Amazon to easily recoup the cost quite quickly!

I have my M359 exam tomorrow morning (9th Oct) - part of me is dreading it (it has been a hard, hard course) and the other part of me just can't wait to get on with it get it finished.

Then I have a break from OU studies until late January. So the time inbetween will be spent getting back up to speed with Java, and the stack of books that I haven't had the time to read.


ps: I like the striking new look of your blog - but there is a problem when trying to add a comment via Firefox (which is what I use). The comment box is small and non-scrolling - which means that the 'Publish Your Comment' button is not visible. I have switched to Internet Explorer to get this comment added.

Simon said...

Hi Simon

Thanks for stopping by again, your views are greatly appreciated! I will have a look in firefox (only tested this in IE and Safari (Mac OSX)). Good luck with your exam, i'm sure it will all come together for you. Just get a good nights sleep in before the exam so your fresh. The temptation is always there to read over and over until the early hours though!

Let me know how it goes tomorrow.


Tim said...

I think it's worth mentioning here, that having just got my new Extra card (and stumping up 25 quid for three year's worth) I now discover it is no longer an ISIC card :(

While there are still discounts, I feel this is no longer an "identity" card as such - it does not claim to identify you as a student (as ISIC does). It is now just a discount card, and as such, it will not qualify you for student discounts other than those negotiated by Extra. I will be getting an ISIC card (evidence of 60 points worth of course registration required) and seeing if I can get my money back on the extra card.

Alice said...

Does the NUS extra card have your photo on the back?

Tim said...

Yes, you upload one when applying online, so I identifies me, but I don't think it's clear that I'm definitely a student.

Maya said...

How long did it take your NUS card to arrive because I sent mine 3 weeks ago and it still hasn't arrived! It's really frustrating because I want to take advantage of all the amazing deals they have to offer!

Maya said...

Woops I just saw that it took yours only 6 days. Maybe it would take longer with mine because I sent a form by post, but still its a bit ridiculous waiting for it for so long!

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