Saturday, 13 October 2007

MU120 Tutorial 1 and M263

I've just been to my first tutorial of this academic year. We went through the MU120 course materials and workloads/assignments and what is expected of us as students. Seems the same as previous years however my tutor did stress that MU120 is fairly time consuming for a 30 point course and don't judge your time based on previous study. Point noted!

The first part of TMA01 is due on the 22nd of October and as with all TMA's in MU120 needs to be submitted by snail mail. The Dark Ages! (Que medieval music).

This seems to be a bit of a pain as it will reduce the amount of time I have to write the TMA and check it before posting it, as in my past experiences I have been able to check a TMA a few times before submitting it via the eTMA system without to much worry of blowing a deadline. I guess I just have to plan it better.

The materials seem to be fine at the moment, and I'm keeping on track as far as studying goes.

On a different note I don't have a tutorial for M263 until November, and if I recall correctly its down in Exeter which is going to be a bit of a nightmare. I'm enjoying reading the materials for this course so far however it does seem to jump straight in at a fast pace and using technical terminology. It is a level 2 course though, I just hope we'll all be able to keep up!

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