Thursday, 6 September 2007

Postponed M255 until Febraury

after working my way through the MU120 mathematics preperatory materials and hearing that M263 is predominantly maths based course I have chosen to postpone M255 until Febraury. To be honest I know maths isn't necessarily my strongest point and to give myself the fairest chance of passing my courses to a good standard (M263 counts towards degree classification) I want to be able to dedicate all my time to M263 and MU120.

It was a bit of a relief to get it sorted, as the last 3 weeks I have spent alot of time worrying about my workload and the thought of my first two courses which contain final exams running directly in parallel. I hope I have made the right decision... time will tell though.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, it's so good to see that other people are struggling with OU courses too. I am not studying towards a degree in computing (I'm doing psychology), and just started this May with a 30 credit course. Glad to see that you've already gotten so far with your courses (you must have about half the credits for the BSc) and that you aren't one of those that throw in the towel after they've failed their first TMA. I'll keep on reading. ;)