Friday, 21 September 2007

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Excuse the corny title to this blog post, however I have just been reading the OUSA Sesame mailing that seems to come around every so often and to my amazement the OUSA have managed to secure a great deal for OU students. Effective immediately OU students can register for the NUS Extra Card for £10!

This card gives you masses of benefits and also includes the ISIC card which retails at £9 on its own and up util now was the only worthwhile benefits card available to OU students. Those of you who read the blog will know what the ISIC card consists of, for more information or to register for an NUS Extra Card you need to check The registration can be done online (i have just completed it!) all you require is a photo to be either uploaded or taken via your webcam in real time and your PI (Personal Identifier) number, this is the number the OU knows you by and can be found on most pieces of correspondence you receive or in the OU student home online.

Check the website for more info on the discounts available, the card is valid until september 2008 so the earlier you sign up the longer the benefits last.


lexdabear said...

Ok, I signed up as well. Maybe this one will work out. Did you receive your card?

Simon said...


My NUS Extra Card arrived yesterday and I am going to post about the process and show photos later today or tomorrow. I hope it works out for you, i can't see any reason why it won't though!