Thursday, 10 May 2007

International Student Identity Card (ISIC Card) for OU students

I ordered an international student identity card on tuesday from STA Travel which cost £7.00 for my trip around europe. It is the most recognised form of student ID around the world and will get you discounts and free entry to lots of places.

I applied online on the off chance that it might come through, the Open University isn't regarded by NUS as a full blown University and the only discount card they give you is an NUS Associates card, which although is fairly decent, it isn't up to par with the usual NUS Extra Card students get.

I assumed that this would be true for the ISIC card however I felt obliged to have a go at getting one and completed the form with the Open University as my place of study and ticked the box to say I qualified (It was a minimum of 15 hours study per week, according to the OU two 30 point level one courses equate to approx 16hours per week).

Two days later and i find on my door matt an ISIC card all digitally completed and ready to have my photo placed in it! Bring on the bargains around Europe!

If you are an OU student I would definitely recommend getting one of these for the U.K or if you travel abroad at all all the better! It can be used in the U.K and around the world and gives discounts for everything from CD's and DVD's to cinema tickets and museums. A full list of U.K discounts can be found here and the main homepage where you can check out the card and its benefits can be found here.

If your an OU student please do share this news with your fellow students and friends, it is definitely worth knowing about. Go forth and make the most of your student status, however young or old you may be!!


Sonia said...

Hi! I am also an OU student (A210), and I have applied for the ISIC card! Many thanks for your tips on applying!

lexdabear said...

Too bad only UK citizen can apply for the ISIC card. The German ISIC site asks for a German study certificate. So how can an Open University student from abroad obtain an ISIC card?