Saturday, 21 April 2007

Learn Visual Studio .NET Free Videos!!

Good morning!

Today I want to share a website I cam across in September 2006 at the start of my degree when I was looking to develop my Microsoft development skills. I downloaded the free Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Express Editions with the goal of developing my programming abilities and broadening my skill base. Along side these express editions Microsoft provided Video's from a gentleman by the name of Bob Tabor, a Microsoft MVP, who was comissioned by Microsoft to provide a beginner to programming in .Net video series for newcomers to the platform and programming in general.

Needless to say the opportunity for free training had to be jumped at and I downloaded the VB.NET series to begin learning. Within a week I had worked my way through the development of an RSS Reader application with the help of Bob's videos and I was eager to learn more!

Learn Visual Studio .Net had a collection of well over 500 video's providing guidance and tuition and the liftetime subscription cost $199.00. This was a lot cheaper than any Microsoft Training I could have accessed in the U.K. and I felt that I would be of great benefit to me. I managed to talk to my employer and get them to agree to cover the cost as it was personal development. Within a few minutes of joining up I was downloading tutorial videos on technologies I had never thought I would have had the opportunity to develop in such as ASP.Net, ATLAS and C# 2.0.

If you are considering learning to develop in the .Net Framework or have ever been interested in taking it up I cannot recommend highly enough the free videos of LearnVisualStudio.Net. If you enjoy them as much as I have and want to develop more take Bob up on his rediculously cheap lifetime subsciption, you wont find training like it for anywhere near the money.

FREE video tutorial - LearnVisualStudio.NETOver 500 easy to understand, .NET video tutorials.